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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hedd-Plug un-clogs the money!

Just wanted to post this wowzer that I just finished watching. A Heddon Hedd-Plug in a lunchtime special color. Sold at Auction for a whopping $500.00!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

C.D. Mather Frog, Posted here because you wont see them often!!

Had to post this just for the hell of it. You may never get a chance to see one, so here is a good look at this awesome lure. Very mechanical, very neat!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

More from the Runt Front - No Snags snag BIG Money

I followed these 2 auctions this week for Heddon No-Snag River runt Sinkers. Both were in Rare colors and managed to grab a pretty high price.
Here they are:

This XBW (blue shore) sold at $405.00

This no Snag in PAS (allen stripey) Commanded $836.51

Monday, July 5, 2010

Rare Runt Riot

This rare Heddon River Runt in red shore, color code XSK. I have never seen one in this color. Posted here for reference and your enjoyment.
Sold at auction for $350.00 Nice piece!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Four Pennsylvania Fishing license badges - 1951, 1952, 1953 & 1955

ach one is authentic and highly collectible. Although southern states and earlier types are more highly sought after, these four definitely make a great addition to a collection. Was thinking about holding onto them.
Selling at $28.00 each.

The Pilot - by H.R. Stewart Co.

I found this little doosie at the bottom of a tackle box last year and it wasn't until recently that I found out what it was. This is the H.R. Stewart "Pilot" the lure dates to 1903. I was able to find and actual ad for the lure from a hardware magazine.This ad comes to us from the Hardware Dealers Magazine Vol.23 1905

This Ad shows the Pilot at the bottom with some well-known lures of the time

Monday, June 14, 2010

Couple of other Quick Shots

Creek Chub Bait Co. Surface Dinger in Western Auto color "Yellow Skunk" $169.16

and then this awesome little bastard.....

Heddon Chugger in a rare color called "Yellow wing black-bird" $202.51

and the "reverse" of this same color "black-wing yellow bird"$550.00

Shoring up on Black Shore - Whew!

I sat around on a lazy, Rainy weekend to watch some of these recent auctions on some Heddon Lures in color "Black Shore" or Color code: XBW.
Here is a breakdown of some of these amazing sales.

Vamp $272.oo

Lucky 13 sold at auction $297.00

Crazy Crawler with early brush box and flap rigging - sold at auction $177.00

Heddon Punkinseed XBW with early brush box and flap rigging - sold at auction $1,225.00

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'll drink to that!

I watched this auction because I knew the outcome was going to be unpredictable... kind of like waiting for a car accident to take place. The end result was nothing short of amazing.
At the end of this auction this little bastard fetched a cool $2,024.99!

Analysis: This lure, in it's simplest form, is a RH Heddon Hi-tail. As a promotional item for Budweiser, a clear decal was added to the lure with the Anheuser-Bush logo and Budweiser logo as a "saddle" over the back of the lure. The box is correctly labeled and having the two together is a feat within itself.

Aside from the decal and the words "Budweiser Hi-Tail" on the box, this lure is a Boxed, RH, Hi-tail that would typically command a price of $60-110.00! as apposed to $2,024.99.
I am amazed!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rebel Case

Originally uploaded by ChucksTackleBox
Great find on this 1969 era Rebel Salesman's case. The Case is in Excellent condition and in all truthfulness, I would have expected it to be in worse shape. I am pleasantly surprised.
There looks as if there was a repair done to the thin shell and the repair looks as old as the case. The fish, lures case are all beautiful. The latches still function case lining is complete, just an all-round beautiful piece.

Rebel Salesman's Case

Originally uploaded by ChucksTackleBox
Yours for the taking. Contact me:

Inside the Case..

Originally uploaded by ChucksTackleBox
These are the original lures for the case still secured to the backing with light tack to the hooks

Rebel Lure Salesman's Case.

Originally uploaded by ChucksTackleBox
The inside of the case is crisp and clean. The Rebel logo is very Vibrant

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Muddy Waters - The basics of collecting and tackle sales

I've titled this post "Muddy Waters" because that is the best term I can think of when discussing collecting of lures and tackle to lay-persons and beginners in collecting or selling of tackle.

First off, let me start by saying that I do not consider myself an expert, nor do I frown upon those who are new to collecting. I am always willing to share what I know. However, I am continually frustrated with individuals who are not collectors, who know nothing about lures and tackle yet they bitch about others offering them "unfair prices" for tackle that they are attempting to sell.

First, I would like to talk to collecting....foremost condition!

Condition is everything! absolutely everything!
I have had people tell me, as an example "This lure is worth $60.00" but what they fail to understand is that this $60.00 is for a lure in EX+ to Mint condition without the box. When you tell them this astounding revelation, you get the funny looks of if you told them their baby was ugly or something of that sort.
Condition, condition, condition. Very important.

Simply because you posses a certain lure doesn't make it valuable. period.
Conversely, simply because something is OLD doesn't mean that it is RARE or VALUABLE.

Secondly is type. This is easy. Some lures are rare simply because of the type of lure. An example would be Heddon's "Preyfish"...a short production run lure. Really doesn't matter what color it is, as long as rule #1 applies - Condition!
If it is in good condition or better, chance are it will fetch a good price, regardless.

Thirdly is color. How rare is Heddon's perch, color code "L".... not very.
Now ask me the same question about Heddon's yellow chrome, color code "NPY" and the difference in price is ten-fold!
Nuff said!

Now let's talk about those prices... and those who are clueless about what something is worth, yet think they are sitting on a gold mine.

I recently e-mailed an individual who had a large lot of tackle for sale. This person was looking for "serious inquires only" so, being a "serious" collector, I dropped him an e-mail.
(It's important to note that my e-mails have a custom footer that shows I own a website).

I asked for pictures of the tackle and the response I got was pretty interesting.
It starts like this: "Well If you are a dealer than I do not think you will give me a fair price" I already smelled a problem with the attitude.
This person continues: "I just have had so many people come and offer me a junk price". and then he adds this interesting bit of information: "I do not know the value of these lures, rods, reels, and fly rods".

So, I scratch my head.....You're saying that you don't know the price of these things, yet you have somehow come to the conclusion that others have offered you a "junk price"? How does a person even navigate this thought process.??

I have no willingness to even deal with a person of this nature, even if they have rare lures.... I simply bail on all dealings with people like this. experience has taught me this is an exercise in futility.

My response:

"If you have no idea what something is worth, or you have reservations about selling... there is always Ebay. Then you won't waste a collectors time and you won't need to feel like you are getting a "junk" price even though you don't know what something is worth.

My recommendation based on your own words, is for you to do some homework, find out the price of your goods and then put a firm, fair price on it."

I close by adding:
"Think of it this way....if you do not collect fishing tackle and you seldom fish and do not intend on using this gear yourself what does it matter? Something is better than nothing no?
just a thought."

And I guess that is as simple as I can make it....
Just wanted to share some of my frustrations ~ Chuck

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Pilot

"The Pilot"

I found this little doosie at the bottom of a tackle box last year and it wasn't until recently that I found out what it was. This is the H.R. Stewart "Pilot" the lure dates to 1903. I was able to find and actual ad for the lure from a hardware magazine.This ad comes to us from the Hardware Dealers Magazine Vol.23 1905

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Pocket Fisherman and other fishing poles gone amuck!

If you are like me, when you were a kid you watched this commercial daily.... The Ronco ( Ron Popeil) Pocket Fisherman.

This brought a smile to my face while surfing the net and coming across an ad for one of them.
I was surprised to find that The Pocket Fisherman is still sold today!
I thought it would be funny to connect with a piece of my childhood, so I found a vintage outfit still in the box with its instructions and side holster bag... after all, I collect vintage tackle and lures.

Attached is my breakdown of this piece of fishing history, as well as some other "not so successful" attempts to reproduce a similar product (to be discussed later)
I'll start with the box:

The front of the box, showing the 70's icon.

The rear of the box, lets you know its as easy as 1,2,3!
Draw like a cowboy, Hide behind the PF, and thirdly, get a kid to hold the net.

I scanned the manual... always fun to see these instructions and breakdown of the PF.

If you actually take a moment to mess with the pocket fisherman you realize that it is actually made pretty well. These are durable although the rod portion always made me nervous with its click in place rod backing. The pocket fisherman casts pretty easy and goes far for a itty-bitty rod. From shore it is a little clumsy and stupid, but from a boat it can be wonderful.

Mechanically, the PF is of average or better quality than most things you buy today. The reel crank is metal and the storage "clip" on the handle is a witty engineering feat! I took a long look at the clip and found it to be a solid engineering solution for flipping out and locking a handle in place. In fact, I do not think today's companies would take the expense of making such a good metal crank.
Bottom line is that although laughable, the Pocket Fisherman is functional and part of our fishing history.
For those of us raised in the 70's, it is like connecting with an dopey old friend.

Speaking of dopey... let see some of the the other so-called fishing novelties that followed the Pocket Fisherman. While I have not seen these others and I do not have a relationship with these others, It seems that simply reading about others experiences will suffice.

How about this abortion: The Coleman "Fish Pen"

It brags about "Reel in looks of amazement from your fellow fishermen and friends! " They will be amazed that you even bought one!
Now, not to be cynical, but some of the fine print mentions that "product narratives are for entertainment purposes" aside from catching pan-fish, sunfish, or blue gill, I believe this to be something to goof on and play with...not something to fish with.
Positive note: This product does contain metal.... not entirely plastic like this next novelty fishing set up that I am going to SLAM!

This next one was actually endorsed by Roland Martin, who apparently will lend his name to anything as long as it has the possibility of sending a check his way. I am talking about the Rocket Fishing Rod.

Really? Plastic abortion of a fishing rod for fat kids who cant even muster the energy to cast a lure!

One review I read from a disgruntled father says that he bought one and opened it and the whole contraptions fell apart in his hands.... Be brought it back and opened the new one in the store and it "seemed" ok.... He took his kid fishing and on the first Faux-cast the springs and everything shot out of the thing. A complete piece of crap with Roland's name attached to it.

Personally, I would be embarrassed if I were Roland and distance myself as far as I could from this junk.
In short, I do not believe anyone has been able to repeat the success of the Pocket Fisherman.
Although dumb and laughable it is a decent item and a piece of our fishing history.