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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stan Gibbs History

Stan Gibbs Lures are made right here in New England

The Gibbs Story...

Stan Gibbs
Stan Gibbs, the creator of Gibbs Lures, began this company in 1946 when he first whittled unique wooden plugs that had the ability to attract fish. He began what is now the tradition of manufacturing quality wooden fishing lures with an outstanding record of consistently catching fish. More than a half century ago, Stan Gibbs took his love of fishing and turned it into a vocation.

His hand crafted fishing plugs that worked so well for him became the foundation products of this new enterprise. Names like Polaris Popper, Casting Swimmer, Pencil Popper, Needlefish, and Darter are still common names along the beach. Many others have been added along the way as new designs were developed and proven. Each plug had its own distinct characteristics but common throughout was the ability to cast considerable distances into the wind. Stan knew how important it was to reach breaking fish that were out of the reach of other lures.

ImageThe manufacturing operation is now located in Cumberland, Rhode Island and owned by Dennis Ryan and Dan Smalley who continue to manufacture quality fishing lures the old fashioned way - by hand in the good old USA. The company has grown steadily since the earliest days when plugs produced numbered in the hundreds. Materials and methods of manufacture have also continually improved and yet still today each plug is hand carried through 50 or more manufacturing steps before shipping to our dealer's stores!

Of utmost important to us, is our direct relationship with tackle shop dealers. In excess of 90% of these are also family owned, and maintaining this direct tie has been a vital element in our method of operation. We do not use distributors nor are we found in discount stores or mass marketing chains.

50 years of hand crafting
For all of its 50 years of hand crafting saltwater fishing lures, Gibbs carries on the tradition of creating plugs from wood and other natural components despite the heavy competitive pressure from plastic manufacturers. This, we believe, sets us apart from those seeking to cut corners by producing a more synthetic product. Gibbs has been, and will continue to be a small, responsive family owned business dedicated to producing top quality lures with careful attention to details which have become synonymous with the Gibbs Lures name.