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Friday, November 14, 2008

The rare Heddon Wee-Tad

I have wanted to start a collection of the Heddon "Wee Tad" for a while. I have searched for them and had people contact me with "Widgets" but no Wee Tads. You can imagine my excitement when I found a posting by Donnie Shingler that offered 4 wee tads for sale.
I jumped at the opportunity and secured them from him to kick off my endeavour.

The Wee Tad was made for one, possibly 2 seasons back in 1982. By 1983-84 Wee Tads were gone. They are highly sought in lure collecting and I was estatic to have a 590-VRB, New in the box. Pics Below

What are the chances that a lure made for that short of a run would still be in the box, in a color that is consideably rare, and the box be absolutely perfect. A fine addition to my collection.

I want to thank Donnie for the sale.