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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

...a Roller-Flasher

I saw this one sitting at the bottom of an old tackle box at a local auction.

A Roller-Flasher model #110 in color 103 - Green/Silver, 3" long & made of wood.

You don't see many of these, especially in the field.

This one here is in rough shape, but still very nice to see this piece of fishing history. These were made by the Roller Flasher Co. of Detroit in the 1940's. Early models were made of wood and advertised as a plug that had the shine of a spoon. These lures were gone by the 50's.

A rare find.

Jitterbug Goes to War

Below is a pic of a recent addition to my collection. a WWII era Jitterbug.

As part of the war effort, all metal went towards the military machine, thus leaving our poor Jitterbug with a plastic lip...

Not to be confused with a "wax lip"

Field Finds

Some decent finds from the field.

The first is a c.1905-1907 Heddon 100 in color No. 2

This lure has the early unmarked props and two belly-weights

The color is technically white, however these lures are actually colored white with a very slight slate color along the back. this color is rated as slightly rare on Clyde Harbin's website.

This is a wonderful piece of history here although it suffers damage in the form of two broken trebles and a small split at the tail.

If you were almost 100 years old, you might look worse.

Condition: G

South Bend Underwater Minnow

The second of the day is this incredible 5-hook South Bend underwater minnow, NIB!

This beauty is unfished in the box with insert. Hard to discern if the insert or the box is incorrect as this box does date to the lure. The insert appears to be for a Oreno type lure.

The box suffers from being on a shelf in the barn, but the lure was protected and remained in pristine shape with very light age cracks and no paint loss off the belly-weight. Truly a spectacular find!