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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Heddon Spin Diver shocker

A Heddon Spin-Diver in Redscale. Very hard to find. This one still has 6 days to go and is currently sitting at $455.50 ( reserve is set at $694.00 on this one). It will be fun to see what this go for at the end...They'll be slitting each others throats on this one.

A quick fire list of some auctions

It seems to be quite interesting when you are a collector to just sit back and watch the mayhem.
Below is a list of the carnage left behind - Enjoy!

Heddon Lucky 13 in Bar Perch, Model 2509A
earliest I've seen at $516.01

Creek Chub Surface Dinger, Model #5400
in Western Auto color Sable. $181.39

Coldwater King Lure by The Cold-Water Bait Co.
$299.99 one penny from 300!

Millsite Daily-Double in a Black with Brown spot finish
and with the original box - $167.50

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Screwtail - Spiraling out of control

Here is a nice set up - A Zink Screw-tail complete, in the box with some excellent advertising to boot. Made by Zink Artificial Bait Co. of Dixon Illinois. The lure itself in nice but I believe the interest is in the hard card advertising that comes with the lure and box... The Ad would meake a spectacular backdrop to a lure board.
$429.88 for this beauty.

Nice lure and box combo....

I believe the interest is in the ad.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Lucky 13.... Nice

Following up on a few lures that I was watching over the past few weeks.
This one here was on my radar.... A lucky 13 in color VCD - Shrimp Shiner. Tough to find.
Although the Auction did not state color, I knew this color from my Torpedo collection. Sweet addition to someone's collection I am sure. Selling Price - A cool $147.50

Lucky 13 - Color VCD (Shrimp Shiner)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cats Paw clawing it's way to the top

A fine example of a cat's paw w/box in near mint condition. Currently sitting at $129.00.
Lures like this are always fun to find.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Eye on Lures.

Sometimes when talking with people about lure values it is easy to see that collector to collector value can be much less than the prices realized on ebay.

I have spoken to people who think they are sitting on a gold mine of lures, who are shocked when told that the value of the lure is really based on a number of factors and not necessarily the lure itself.
Color, rarity, lure type are issues that just scratch the surface.
What I will pay for a NPY Heddon is much more than the going rate. This is because I seek it, I collect it and I probably need it in order to complete my case.

This means I am willing to spend much more for these lures than most... not necessarily the actual value. Ebay prices tend to be quite a bit higher than actual worth of the lure, this in turn, gives the public a false sense of lure prices and value

My recommendation to someone looking to make a quick buck is this:
I am not paying that price. if you would like to realize more profit, throw it to the wolves and sell on ebay.

That being said... here are some examples of what I am talking about. Prices not really in line with the lure, yet still commanding a respectable sum. Keep your eye on the ball....

A Bagley B-Flat2
in Bass color, Brass hardware etc. Sold on Ebay at $158.26
A Fred C. Young
Nice vintage 70's era bait here in perfect condition worth every penny if you collect it! Sold on Ebay at $512.00 (or half the cost of a NEW sturdy jon-boat) amazing!

Creek Chub - Saltwater Husky
in "got you every-time" gold-fish scale Sold on Ebay at $674.00

and Lastly....NOT true to its name...This NO-snag has in fact snagged someone.
Heddon River Runt ( no Snag)
in that color mentioned above "got you every-time" gold-fish scale Sold on Ebay at $416.00

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rainbow Fire, fire sale!!

This one is still on the clock, but as of this writing the Auction still has 2 days and 22 hours left but this No. 631 Creek Chub Bait Co. Husky Musky in Rainbow Fire is at $1, 525.00
UPDATE: Auction ended at $1,625.00 with the reserve NOT being met. Love it!

It is very interesting to watch these auctions for more reasons than one. Although sometimes inflated, it does give one and idea of what people are willing to pay for the right lure. This is nothing to sneeze at unless your the Pre-1940's crowd, who thumb their noses at this color and anything else that even looks plastic... Humpf. Lure snobbery.

Hula Popper - Eye Popper

Never Seen this color before and apparently the same is true with other collectors. This hula popper sold for $202.50 without the skirt, without the box.
Nice lure in an red/orange scale type color. Oddly enough this lure also has a "gill-like" pattern at the bottom rear of the lure. I have never seen that on any lure.
Congrats to the new owner!

Another Big-Hedd, another Big Price

Love posting these e-bay stunners...
This one floored me.
Nice Heddon Big Hedd in Color "FY" Chartreuse Mullet. Final Ebay pocket-draining price...$385.99 BRILLIANT!