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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Muddy Waters - The basics of collecting and tackle sales

I've titled this post "Muddy Waters" because that is the best term I can think of when discussing collecting of lures and tackle to lay-persons and beginners in collecting or selling of tackle.

First off, let me start by saying that I do not consider myself an expert, nor do I frown upon those who are new to collecting. I am always willing to share what I know. However, I am continually frustrated with individuals who are not collectors, who know nothing about lures and tackle yet they bitch about others offering them "unfair prices" for tackle that they are attempting to sell.

First, I would like to talk to collecting....foremost condition!

Condition is everything! absolutely everything!
I have had people tell me, as an example "This lure is worth $60.00" but what they fail to understand is that this $60.00 is for a lure in EX+ to Mint condition without the box. When you tell them this astounding revelation, you get the funny looks of if you told them their baby was ugly or something of that sort.
Condition, condition, condition. Very important.

Simply because you posses a certain lure doesn't make it valuable. period.
Conversely, simply because something is OLD doesn't mean that it is RARE or VALUABLE.

Secondly is type. This is easy. Some lures are rare simply because of the type of lure. An example would be Heddon's "Preyfish"...a short production run lure. Really doesn't matter what color it is, as long as rule #1 applies - Condition!
If it is in good condition or better, chance are it will fetch a good price, regardless.

Thirdly is color. How rare is Heddon's perch, color code "L".... not very.
Now ask me the same question about Heddon's yellow chrome, color code "NPY" and the difference in price is ten-fold!
Nuff said!

Now let's talk about those prices... and those who are clueless about what something is worth, yet think they are sitting on a gold mine.

I recently e-mailed an individual who had a large lot of tackle for sale. This person was looking for "serious inquires only" so, being a "serious" collector, I dropped him an e-mail.
(It's important to note that my e-mails have a custom footer that shows I own a website).

I asked for pictures of the tackle and the response I got was pretty interesting.
It starts like this: "Well If you are a dealer than I do not think you will give me a fair price" I already smelled a problem with the attitude.
This person continues: "I just have had so many people come and offer me a junk price". and then he adds this interesting bit of information: "I do not know the value of these lures, rods, reels, and fly rods".

So, I scratch my head.....You're saying that you don't know the price of these things, yet you have somehow come to the conclusion that others have offered you a "junk price"? How does a person even navigate this thought process.??

I have no willingness to even deal with a person of this nature, even if they have rare lures.... I simply bail on all dealings with people like this. experience has taught me this is an exercise in futility.

My response:

"If you have no idea what something is worth, or you have reservations about selling... there is always Ebay. Then you won't waste a collectors time and you won't need to feel like you are getting a "junk" price even though you don't know what something is worth.

My recommendation based on your own words, is for you to do some homework, find out the price of your goods and then put a firm, fair price on it."

I close by adding:
"Think of it this way....if you do not collect fishing tackle and you seldom fish and do not intend on using this gear yourself what does it matter? Something is better than nothing no?
just a thought."

And I guess that is as simple as I can make it....
Just wanted to share some of my frustrations ~ Chuck