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Monday, November 16, 2009

They're Hit'n em' like Bass on Top-water!

My last list of "quick-fire" auction results was a hit with some folks so I will make it a normal posting bi-weekly here on Chuck's Tackle Box's Blog.
Here goes some from the past few weeks... one word. Anarchy.

Creek Chub Husky Pikie, Model #2330
in color #30 - Orange W/Blk Spots. $530.00

Bagley DB3
in Yellow - Hard to find. $123.00

Heddon Punkinseed #740
in RHF. Needed this for my own collection, but missed it. $432.00

Heddon Model #175 Muskie Minnow
in Rainbow w/ the correct box!. $1,225.00

Shakespeare Revolution - Instant Collection, Just add Money.
$1,125.65 (can't forget the .65 cents)