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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lang's Fall Auction 2009 - Send me a memo!

This week I tried to remember that the Lang's Auction was taking place... but failed.

If you are like me, you work for a living. People who work for a living are usually "working" during the weekdays. This tends to be counter-productive to actually attending the Auction (even if its is virtual). I can only imagine my boss coming to my desk only to see me bidding on fishing tackle.... I wouldn't have a job for long.

This brings up a curious question, which I have brought to the attention of John and Debbie Ganung...."Why the hell does this auction take place during the week!" It makes absolutely no sense at all!

Understand that one day of the auction does fall on Saturday... after half of the items are gone.
The only collectors who are able to attend and bid are those who either work for themselves or the crusty old farts who are retired and have nothing better to do with their time whilst I kick in to the Social Security system to maintain them.... Go figure.

Dear John and Debbie... Is it at all possible to put this friggan auction on a Saturday and Sunday? or would it be a sin to be chasing down lures when I should be in church?... I mean, what gives here. Its seems like common sense to me - have an auction when the maximum amount of people from your targeted demographic are present.

My second complaint will be brief... It deals with the Live auction vs. an auction with both live and on-line bidding. It seems to me that since going on-line ONLY, Lang's auction has lost some of it's luster. I hear complaints about bids not being registered and bids lagging due to delays in computer systems. Suffice to say that if you can get to the auction and attend an actual auction then you have the best chance of securing that item you have been looking for....But that doesnt happen anymore. I honestly believe that if this auction does not get back to a actual "auction" then this will continue to decline until Lang's is no more.

My final assessment:
I work for a living. period. The past three Lang's Auction have come and gone and I have not attended, nor did I watch online. Its basically become futile for me and I am sure I am not alone.

I do buy the downloadable catalogs for reference sake ONLY.
I live in New Hampshire, which is 1/2 hour from the former Auction site in Boxborough MA. Only discovery is held there now. This takes the option for actually attending away.

Lang's Auction has now become a non-issue in my life and not by my own doing. Until this auction is moved to weekends and held at Boxborough for an actual audience, I believe it will steadily decline into obscurity.... Lang's is alienating a large part of its customers/collectors who simply have to work or cannot attend.

Just my 2 pennies!
~ Chuck