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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wholly Hell-Gramite!

Found this auction on ebay and was shocked. This lure was found by an apparent non-collector who did "some" homework and knew that it was worth something, but had no idea.

This hellgramite is one of the earliest versions lacking the lathe turned ribs along the body.
This auction was local pick up only and the winner has to extrat the lure in person. For this lure, I am not sure there is any other way!
The Flying Hellgramite, circa 1883

The Harry Comstock Flying Hellgramite is one of the most important lures in collecting. although not as revered as the Haskell Minnow, in my opinion this lure is no less important or valuable.

I had initially estimated its value at $3,300.00 It sold at auction for $3, 150.00. I was off a bit :)